I’ve experimented with lowering my dosage on four separate occasions now: when I had my hysterectomy, when I started using DHT cream, and twice in response to out of range (high) free T levels in blood tests. I’d like to inject only the minimum amount of testosterone that I require to maintain virilization, healthy T levels and good general health and well being. Plus, the less I inject, the more money I can save.

In Canada, there’s only one company that I’m aware of that markets a 200mg/ml injectable testosterone: Theramed Corporation. This past summer, Theramed doubled the price of Delatestryl (Testosterone Enanthate). I’m now paying about $60 CAD for 5 ml instead of 10 ml. I can still opt for Depo-Testosterone (Testosterone Cypionate) instead—at roughly half the price of Delatestryl—but Pfizer only sells a 100mg/ml concentration. This means I could get T at half price if I’m willing to inject twice the volume or switch to a weekly injection. Neither of these are appealing to me though, so I opted for the pricier Delatestryl last time I stocked. I think my preferred pharmacy still has some Delatestryl available at the old price, and I’ll check soon.

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I lowered my testosterone dose after my hysterectomy because I knew my hormones would be out of whack for a bit while my body adjusted to being post-hysto. Additionally, I  started using topical DHT cream on April 29, 2009, about 6 weeks after the hysterectomy. There have been mixed results in DHT studies regarding how T levels are affected by supplemental DHT, and I wanted to err on the side of caution. My T levels dropped by almost half, but then remained steady and within normal male range. However, I wanted them in the higher end of the range, mostly because I’d only been on T for a year and had only had a few full shots of 200mg. I was still looking for significantly more virilization.

I lowered my T dose from 200mg to 180 mg from March 17, 2010 to April 28, 2010 because of the high T levels coming back in my blood work. But then I didn’t feel great: I was tired and more emotional than normal. I went back to 200mg 6 weeks later. I didn’t really give it very long. I stayed on 200mg until July 21 when I ran out of T with 160mg in the barrel. My lab reports were still showing high T, and I felt fine in the couple of weeks that followed, so when I did my next shot I drew up 180mg instead of going back up to 200. I’m going to try staying on this dose for a few months and re-evaluate. So far it feels fine, not like earlier this year.

I made this fancy chart that shows how my T levels and dosage have changed over 2 ½ years.