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I’m just another transsexual and this is my FTM transition blog. My journal is an important personal development tool: I use it to track and observe the complex, challenging, and sometimes wondrous aspects of being transgender. I’m pleased to know that others find this public navigation helpful.

I’m in my 40s and live in rural BC, Canada. I was diagnosed with GID by a school psychologist when I was five years old, but I didn’t think of myself as trans until October, 2007. Honestly, I didn’t know I had options. I didn’t really know that trans men existed. Learn more about my transition process here.

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Feel free to comment on my posts (see comments policy below), and if you’d like to get in touch directly, send me an email at genderoutlaws [at] If you have a question about surgery, please post it in the FTM Surgery Support Forums where I’m a moderator.

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Comments Policy

There are a variety of ways in which blog readers view and use the comments sections of blogs. Some readers ignore comments completely while others abuse them by automatically posting thousands of self-serving and irrelevant comments with links to unrelated websites.

Each blogger has their own standards of what is and isn’t acceptable on their blog. After all, it is their space. For the purposes of clarity, here’s where I stand:

  1. I love it when readers add comments! Comments add to the knowledge and community that we have here. If you feel the urge to comment, then please feel free to have you say.
  2. I encourage you to include relevant links in your comments. This adds to the conversation and is useful to other readers. On the other hand, irrelevant links are discouraged, and if you leave a comment with a link in it that has no relevance to the post you’re commenting on, your contribution could be deleted.
  3. I dislike signatures in comments. allows you to include a single link with your name, and I feel that should be enough of a signature. If you leave a signature, I may edit your comment and remove it.
  4. Hateful comments will be removed. Freedom of speech is not an absolute right and should be exercised with responsibility. Freedom of opinion remains an absolute freedom without restriction, but the right to express such opinions must occur within the limits and boundaries enunciated by law (and compassion.)

Before you comment on any blog, please remember that you are in a sense visiting someone else’s home, and behave accordingly. Also remember that as a permanent record of who you are and what you stand for, your comments have the ability to influence your online reputation, whether positively or negatively. Before you click the Submit button, please pause and consider the value you are adding (or not adding) to this blog as well as to your own online profile.


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