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Transition Expenses

Expense Cost (CAD)
Date Notes
Surgery and Hormone Assessment
w/ Dr. Preece
$300 Jan 2008 Two trips to Vancouver were required for this but I’m not including the travel expenses here since I was able to work the appointments in with a leisure trip and a business trip.
w/ Dr. Brownstein
$15 Jan 2008 Mailed chest photos to his office
w/ Dr. Cameron Bowman
$105 Feb 2008 Consultation fee
$259.90 Feb 2008 Travel expenses
Testosterone $35.99 Apr 2008 10 ml Pfizer Depo-Testosterone cypionate (100 mg/ml)
Top surgery $5936.38 Apr 2008 Total cost for procedure
Top surgery $14.15 Apr 2008 Cost for bank draft and express postage of payment
Top surgery: Travel expenses (trip 1) $997.62 Apr 2008 Transportation: Ferries, Buses, Cabs: $72.00
Parking: $50.00
Food: Restaurants, Groceries: $119.94
Prescriptions: $40.66
Hotel (3 nights): $395.02
Animal care: $320.00 (Trips 1 & 2)
Top surgery: Travel expenses (trip 2) $205.69 May 2008 Parking: $15.00
Transportation: $15.00 *
Hotel (1 night): $125.35
Food (Snacks, Groceries): $43.34
Tylenol: $7.00
Legal change of name $211.50 June 2008 Application, notarization, fingerprinting
Legal change of name $25 July 2008 Doctor’s letter fee for new driver’s license
Legal change of name $17 July 2008 New driver’s licence fee
Packer and STP device $90.17 July 2008 2 packers, plus additional supplies to make a DIY STP
Penis Pump $1.90 Sept 2008 60 cc syringe to make a DIY penis pump
Testosterone $35.99 Sept 2008 10 ml Pfizer Depo-Testosterone cypionate (100 mg/ml)
Packer, harnesses $30 Oct 2008 Regular packer, Aslan harness
Injection supplies $9.83 Nov 2008 Rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, syringes and sharps
Trip to Vancouver to see Drs. Preece and Bowman $674.54 Nov 6-8, 2008 Parking: $25
Gas: $25
Transportation (bus, taxi, ferry**): $29.95
Food: $91.99
Dr. Preece (session, letters): $200.00
Hotel (2 nights): $302.60
Testosterone $60.76 Dec 17, 2008 10 ml Theramed Delatestryl T. enanthate (200 mg/ml)
Top Surgery Revision Trip $497.55 Feb 12-13, 2009 Hotel: $288.68
Food: $190.89
Prescriptions: $17.98
Top Surgery Revision Check-up Trip $66.23 Feb 19, 2009 Transportation: $41.50
Food: $24.73
Packer Harness $15.00 Feb 23, 2009 Packing harness
Hysterectomy $30.62 March 13, 2009 Prescription: Tramacet
Packer $75.62 Mar 26, 2009 Mr. Right packer
DHT cream $178.80 Apr 18, 2009 3 month supply of 10% DHT cream, 20mg/0.2ml (dihydrotestosterone)
Testosterone $60.76 Apr 18, 2009 10 ml Theramed Delatestryl T. enanthate (200 mg/ml)
DIY STP supplies $35.08 Apr 20, 2009 Whiz Easy and tubing
DHT cream $26.53 Apr 28, 2009 50 grams of saw palmetto berries, 60ml extract tincture (to prevent hair loss from DHT cream)
Birth Certificate Change $25.00 May 1, 2009 Fee for support letter from GP
Birth Certificate Change $13.00 June 1, 2009 Cost to ship documentation to Quebec
DIY STP supplies $44.26 June 3, 2009 3 GoGirls
Injection supplies $10.00 July 16, 2009 Syringes, sharps, rubbing alcohol
Birth Certificate Change $70.00 July 31, 2009 Accelerated fee for 2 copies of updated Quebec birth certificate
Birth Certificate Change $13.34 July 31, 2009 Cost to ship birth certificate application to Quebec
Doctor’s letter fee $25 Aug 10, 2009 re: MSP funding for metoidioplasty
Name/Gender Change $97 Aug 19, 2009 Passport application fee, plus $10 pick-up fee
Testosterone $60.25 Oct 9, 2009 10 ml Theramed Delatestryl T. enanthate (200 mg/ml)
Testosterone $60.25 Feb 26, 2010 10 ml Theramed Delatestryl T. enanthate (200 mg/ml)
Injection supplies $8.20 Mar 19, 2010 Syringes, sharps
Testosterone $59.96 Aug 3, 2010 5 ml Theramed Delatestryl T. enanthate (200 mg/ml) (Note: 2x price increase!)
Testosterone $61.03 Oct 26, 2010 5 ml Theramed Delatestryl T. enanthate (200 mg/ml)
Injection supplies $6.00 Nov 26, 2010 Syringes, sharps
Testosterone $61.03 Jan 13, 2011 5 ml Theramed Delatestryl T. enanthate (200 mg/ml)
Hair loss prevention $29.11 Mar 15, 2011 60ml saw palmetto berry extract tincture
Testosterone $61.53 Mar 15, 2011 5 ml Theramed Delatestryl T. enanthate (200 mg/ml)
Testosterone $68.24 June 21, 2011 2 x 10 ml Pfizer Depo-Testosterone cypionate (100 mg/ml)
Injection supplies $5.60 June 21, 2011 20 syringes
Injection supplies $2.24 Aug 16, 2011 Sharps (Note: picked up 23g instead of 22g)
Doctor’s letter fee $25.00 Dec 22, 2011 re: MSP phalloplasty funding
Testosterone $40.93 Jan 20, 2012 10ml Sandoz T. cypionate (100 mg/ml)
(Lucky to get it, see Canada’s Testosterone Shortages.)
Testosterone $47.05 Feb 23, 2012 10ml Pfizer Depo-Testosterone cypionate (100 mg/ml)
(Lucky to get it, see Testosterone Shortage Update: Sandoz Suspending Production.)
Injection supplies $34.50 Feb 23, 2012 100 unit boxes of syringes, 18g and 22g sharps
Testosterone $36.26 May 28, 2012 10ml Pfizer Testosterone Cypionate (100mg/ml)
DHT Cream $270.49 May 28, 2012 25ml of 10% DHT cream, 20mg/0.2ml (dihydrotestosterone)
Hair loss prevention $29.11 May 28, 2012 60ml saw palmetto berry extract tincture
Surgery Reimbursement -$5856.39 May 28, 2012 Refund for top surgery fees
Testosterone $36.26 Aug 10, 2012 10ml Pfizer Testosterone Cypionate (100mg/ml)
Testosterone $36.26 Nov 15, 2012 10ml Pfizer Testosterone Cypionate (100mg/ml)
Testosterone $37.84 Jan 17, 2013 10ml Pfizer Testosterone Cypionate (100mg/ml)
Testosterone $37.84 Apr 4, 2013 10ml Pfizer Testosterone Cypionate (100mg/ml)
Testosterone $67.69 June 27, 2013 2 x 10ml Pfizer Testosterone Cypionate (100mg/ml)
Testosterone $71.19 Nov 12, 2013 2 x 10ml Pfizer Testosterone Cypionate (100mg/ml)
Testosterone $71.19 Mar 13, 2014 2 x 10ml Pfizer Testosterone Cypionate (100mg/ml)
Testosterone $71.19 June 28, 2014 2 x 10ml Pfizer Testosterone Cypionate (100mg/ml)
Testosterone $70.36 Dec 16, 2014 2 x 10ml Pfizer Testosterone Cypionate (100mg/ml)
Testosterone $71.58 Apr 24, 2015 2 x 10ml Pfizer Testosterone Cypionate (100mg/ml)
Injection supplies $55.59 June 18, 2015 200 syringes, 100 18g needles, 100 22g needles
Testosterone $71.58 Sept 3, 2015 2 x 10ml Pfizer Testosterone Cypionate (100mg/ml)
Testosterone $76.92 Nov 20, 2015 2 x 10ml Pfizer Testosterone Cypionate (100mg/ml), injection supplies
Testosterone $102.20 Apr 5, 2016 2 x 10ml Pfizer Testosterone Cypionate (100mg/ml). Note price increase of 36%.
Testosterone $102.20 Aug 24, 2016 2 x 10ml Pfizer Testosterone Cypionate (100mg/ml).
Testosterone $102.20 Dec 30, 2016 2 x 10ml Pfizer Testosterone Cypionate (100mg/ml).
Testosterone $103.76 Apr 27, 2017 2 x 10ml Pfizer Testosterone Cypionate (100mg/ml).
Testosterone & supplies $152.81 Sep 13, 2017 2 x 10ml Pfizer Testosterone Cypionate (100mg/ml) @ $103.76, 200 box of syringes, 100 1.5″ 18G, 5 1″ 21G (22G on backorder)
Laser Hair Removal $812.47 Sep 13, 2017 6 sessions (paid in advance, which resulted in a discount)
Electrolysis $920 2017- 2018 12 1-hr sessions
Injection supplies $3.66 Jan 9, 2018 alcohol pads
Testosterone & supplies $113.74 Feb 5, 2018 2 x 10ml Pfizer Testosterone Cypionate (100mg/ml) @ $103.76, 100 1″ 22G
Running total $8606.13

*Important note about BC Ferries: If you are required to travel via BC Ferries for medical reasons, your trip expenses are covered by MSP. This includes coverage for yourself, your vehicle and an escort, if required. I was not made aware of this until my second chest surgery trip, when I did not pay for any ferry expenses. I probably could have saved about $150 in ferry costs if I’d known about this at the start of my transition.

** I shouldn’t have had to pay this $11.45 ferry fee, but I screwed up my BC Ferries Medical Assistance Pass form and ended up having to pay for my car to get across.

Not included: New clothing, glasses, shoes, dog kennel, time off work (self-employed, no vacation pay.) Missing some fuel expenses as well.

All costs are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).


34 thoughts on “Transition Expenses

  1. Hey i have been transitioning i.e. living as male such as dressing, binding, and not shaving legs or under arm pits for about 4 years and i dont know where to start to get a prescription for hormones what do i do i live in dayton, ohio

  2. Hey Tommy! Thanks for dropping by and adding your comments!

    While I have heard of a couple of guys who simply went to a doctor, had a chat, and walked out with a T prescription, this isn’t the norm. Usually, a doctor will require some therapy sessions first to confirm a GID diagnosis, and some will refer you to an endocrinologist, particularly if they don’t have experience with HRT for transmen.

    Do you have a family doctor you can trust? Having a chat with your GP is probably a good first step. You might also wish to seek out a therapist who has experience with gender issues.

    You might be interested in checking out the “I want to transition. Where do I start?” section of my FAQ page.

    I hope that helps! Feel free to drop me a line if you have any specific questions (email addy is in the left hand column below.)

  3. Hey man, thanks, this is a great page. Been reading lately and just saw this and I’ve found it helpful in estimating how much some of this stuff is gonna run me. Should definitely star trying to save money for surgery very soon. =P

  4. i was just wondering..for the chest surgery…are there actually 4 surgeries for it? i have been trying to research more about it and i just wanted to know what exactly is each surgery for? if you could email me more at that would be great cause i have alot of questions i have been trying to find answers to.

  5. I’ve had two surgeries on my chest. I may or may not have another revision. Many guys only have one surgery. I’d say the average is two surgeries. I’ll drop you a line.

  6. The top surgery isn’t covered under BC Health?
    I know here in Ontario it is, as well as bottom surgery.
    Now I am second guessing going back to BC to transition. =/

  7. Hi there

    Thanks for all the info you’ve given to transmen! Every little bit helps! I’m a former patient of Dr. Bowers and of course, not a happy one. When I first had surgery it was for the hysto and metaplasty and implants. One implant went high up from the labia so I had to have a revision surgery *which I had to pay for* She told my wife that theres no way this sucker will move since she had it anchored somehow *check video ‘Sex change hospital episode 2’. Of course a few months later, it moved just like the first time. Since then when I’ve contacted her, seems like I burden the office. Robin her assistant used to be friendly but now….not at all. Too sad really.

    1. Sorry to hear about your negative experience. If it’s any consolation, implant migration and/or extrusion is very common. I’ve heard of others who also had the implants sutured and still had migration. This is definitely an issue I’m weighing heavily, re: balls vs. no balls. As for the decline in communications, no excuses, but perhaps it’s related to Dr. Bowers’ upcoming move to California? In any case, I hope this gets resolved to your satisfaction!

      1. Wow, I didn’t know she was moving to California. Most of the unfriendly I blame on her assistant though. So Trinidad will no longer be the sex change town huh? Interesting! Thanks for the info and reply!

  8. Where do you get your testosterone from? I’m about to start, and I’m looking to find the cheapest pharmacy (Kind of like looking for the holy grail, jeez)

  9. Hi I’m kayzie and I live just outside Quebec. I have known I was trans for as long as I can remember and I was wondering if the cost you have up there for T is for the vial or not? If so how long does the vial last?

  10. Hey. I really enjoy your website it helps a lot with certain questions I have but not all of them.

    There are no therapists in my area. I’m really close to the outskirts of Quebec. Hawkesbury ontario actually.

    I found this place where I can get T without perscription, either Testosterone cypionate or testosterone enanthate for an ok amount. I was wondering if doing it this way was okay and safe?

    I was also curious about the size of sharps and syringes you use and where you get them.

    Thanks a ton.

  11. Thanks for your comment, Kayzie! I know where Hawkesbury is… I’m from Montreal and Ottawa 😉 When you say there are no therapists near to where you live, what kind of radius are you searching? I travel 6 hours to see my therapist, 3 hours to see the provincial surgical assessors. There aren’t gender therapists in every city and trans folks are often required to put in some travel to jump through the hoops.

    Self-medicating is not a good idea. You need a medical exam first to make sure there are no contraindications to T, and you’ll need regular blood work to monitor in the initial stages. If you do successfully self-medicate without this, you’ll still need to see a therapist if you plan to take any surgical steps, and when it’s discovered that you’ve self-medicated, you could be in for some frustrating delays, and might even be required to stop T. Plus, T should be obtained from a pharmacy, otherwise you really don’t know what you’re getting (and you’d be breaking the law.) The risks aren’t worth it.

    My recommendation would be to look for a gender therapist in Ottawa or near there. The Sherbourne Health Clinic in Toronto could have a lead for you.

    I hope this helps! Please let me know what you think.

  12. The site is a steroid site for body builders.

    The reason I’d go this way is cause I don’t have lots of money and can’t really travel. it sucks and it’s driving me crazy.

    I’m stuck and don’t know what to do. I talked to a doctor here. I mentioned ftm he asked to explain and he chuckled as he walked away.

    I feel hopeless.

    Could you please reply via email? It’s easier.

  13. I live in canada aswell and have been on hormones for about 5 months you know if i could get top surgery coverage. If so how? If not thanks anyways

    1. Ashton, it depends on where you live in Canada. Not all provinces provide coverage. I don’t know the ins & outs of each province’s requirements and procedures, but if you can let me know where you live I might be able to point you in the right direction.

  14. Hi!
    I contacted you few months ago regarding the top surgery refund! I have done it in the states in 2010. I emailed them and phone them many times but still no clue! Sad!!! And I am so jealous that you have full beard and no hair loss! I don’t have any beard but the hair loss is disastrous!!!

    1. Hmm, I’m fairly certain that the refund only applies if you had surgery with Dr. Bowman in Vancouver. I’m not 100% on that though. I’ve had some hair loss, and it’s increased over the past year or so. I have the hairline of a man approaching his 40s, which I am, so I guess it’s appropriate. Have you tried any remedies? I’ve heard Rogaine is fairly effective. I used topical saw palmetto while I was using DHT and it stopped the DHT-induced hair loss in its tracks.

  15. The criteria in my original blog post about the MSP refund does say that receipts from *Dr. Bowman’s* office required, so I’m guessing this means only those who had surgery with him would be eligible.

    American Trans Man wrote two great posts about hair loss in trans men. Be sure to read the comments too!

  16. Hi there!
    I just saw your post. I wonder if they still sponsor meta as of now. I am seriously thinking about it as the other is too invasive. Mind to share what I should do? Many thanks!

    1. In B.C.? Yes, Metoidioplasty in Montreal is covered. Coverage includes consult fee, surgery fees and after care stay (about 10 days.) Travel and additional accommodations are not covered. There is no wait list for funding. Go to your doctor, get a referral to the surgical assessor (or pay privately to have this done with Dr. Preece in Vancouver), and when approved, schedule your consult in Montreal. Hope this helps!

      1. Thank you so much! I am currently studying aboard. I think I may need to talk to my gp once I get back during school break! Many thanks again!


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