UPDATE, OCT 9, 2015: New Surgery Funding For Trans Men In BC

I finally had my “assessment” for phalloplasty surgery last month. That’s in quotation marks because I was approved in about 5 minutes, but I took the opportunity over an hour to ask a lot of questions about (BC MSP) out-of-country funding, as well as what the future may hold for a surgical program in BC.

Yes, out of country funding is available IF you have contraindications to Radial Forearm Phalloplasty (RFF.)

Yes, Dr. Monstrey is being funded.

No, Dr. Crane is not currently being funded because his fee is much higher than the Belgian team’s.

Yes, patients have been funded.

I would still prefer to have Dr. Crane do my surgery—there would be less travel involved, easier logistics with friends in Austin, I’d be closer to my surgeon in case of complication, and I wouldn’t require an in-person consultation to book a surgery date—but in the likely case that this request will be denied I won’t be disappointed to go with Dr. Monstrey, who has more experience and is getting very nice results with ALT Phalloplasty. Plus, I’ve never been to Europe and would enjoy seeing that part of the world.

map-belgiumThe next step for me is to get a referral to a hand surgeon in Victoria, Dr. Djurickovic, who will support my case for ALT Phalloplasty as an alternative to RFF Phalloplasty.

I’ll also have to go to Ghent, Belgium for an in-person consultation before I can book a surgery date, and I hope to be able to do this in Spring/Summer 2016.

Provided that I can save the large sum that I will need to cover expenses and time off work, I could potentially have surgery in Fall 2017 at the earliest. That’s a long way off, but at least I have some forward motion happening now.