I recently obtained some 10% DHT cream and today started a second round with topical dihydrotestosterone.

I originally used DHT for dick growth back in 2009 and was pleased enough with the results to give it one more go. Honestly, I have low expectations this time around — it’s likely that I’ve already maxed out my DHT receptors — but I’m hopeful enough to try again. I’ll take what I can get!

It’s long and uninteresting so I won’t bother with the details around why it took me so long to pick it up, but this DHT is from the original supply that my pharmacist obtained for me three years ago. I asked my doctor to provide me with a new prescription and got the last of what was available, about 25ml. I estimate this to be about a 4 week supply. Unfortunately, PharmaCare didn’t cover any of the expense this time so I paid $270.49 CAD.

Once again, I’ll use the same dosage: 20mg 3x daily. I will not be adjusting my testosterone dosage in any way.

Saw Palmetto Extract & He Shou WuI did experience hair loss when I used DHT the first time, though I also had some success at slowing that down with topical saw palmetto extract. This time I’m using the SP extract again (to help prevent DHT build up in hair follicles), along with a tea of He Shou Wu (aka Fo-ti), as a topical rinse after showering in the morning. He Shou Wu is a popular TCM herb for promoting hair growth, and it also has DHT-blocking properties.

Even though I only have a month’s supply and I’m not certain that this is necessary, I plan to cycle the DHT cream in an attempt to further mitigate hair loss: something like 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off.

DHT has been extremely difficult to source in North America for the past few years, and I don’t expect to be able to get more. One last kick at the can!

For more about using DHT cream, see my 2009 blog post, Using DHT for FTM Genital Growth, as well as my article at TransGuys.com, DHT for Transgender Men.