Here are my results for my 1st No Shave November!


noshavenov2 noshavenov1


My mustache is still blond and thin, but you can see it better when I do this:

Am I right, or am I right?

Yes, my beard got a little wild this November, but I saw fewer than 10 people through the month, so I wasn’t scaring anyone. And though some people would find this wooly1 look quite unacceptable, you know what? Growing up, I would have killed for a quarter of the face fur I have now. People always used to comment about how I stroked my bare chin. I still do this, especially while in thought, and the wiry fur I have there now feels very familiar.

What Should I Do With My Bounty?

No Shave November calls for no shaving of any kind, so I absolutely need to do some trimming and tidying. (I have mustache hairs getting in my mouth!) I’m rather proud of my sideburns and have never shaved them off. I don’t think I’m about to start now. I’m thinking, chops: shave my chin, do some shaping on my neck and cheeks. Beyond this, I’m open to suggestions. Bear in mind however that my GF has veto, particularly with regards to my mustache (re: whisker burn.)

1. “wooly”, Carson, Dec 1 2010