Published in Original Plumbing

My words have jumped from the screen to print: I was published in the latest issue of Original Plumbing, the trans male quarterly print magazine out of San Francisco.

I’m a big fan of OP and the men behind the mag, Amos and Rocco, so I definitely wanted to submit a piece for Issue 04, Workin’ Stiff. It wasn’t without some trepidation though: I’m used to writing for the web, which is a little more forgiving than print. I’m a compulsive editor, and my words in print are immutable, out of my control. But my piece came out well, and I’d like to thank Original Plumbing’s editors for the changes they suggested—they really improved the flow of the piece.

“Telecommuting and Transitioning” is about some of the surprise difficulties I’ve faced as a telecommuting worker through my gender transition, and how those circumstances have influenced my business and business relationships.

My submission is sandwiched between innumerable pages of trans male awesomeness (literally, they’re unnumbered.) Every article is interesting and well-written, Amos’ photography is excellent, and the textured cover is a nice touch (for those who appreciate the fine details.) A highlight for me was being published in the same issue as Dylan, who was an early Gender Outlaw commentator and friend (and the producer, editor and star of the Trans MD documentary.) His article about smooth transitions at work puts a nice positive twist on what can be a really trying situation for many trans guys.

I’d also like to note that Original Plumbing’s done a fine job on CanCon, with Canadian contributors in at least half the issues so far, plus a web-only spotlight on Alberta’s Abner, and a party at this year’s Toronto Pride. Is Vancouver next, OP?

You can buy copies of Issue 04 and subscriptions to Original Plumbing online.


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