As of today, I’ve been on testosterone for 23 months, 2 weeks and 1 day.

Since my last update, I’ve lost a few more pounds, now hovering between 130-135 lbs. Compared to month #15 (when I clocked in at 145-150 lbs) I’m definitely trimmer now! This could be due to a number of things:

  • Not eating as much (stress)
  • Not working out as much (stress)
  • Naturally getting leaner following typical T-bloat

I’m not certain that I’ve ever had as much stress in my life as I have right now, but I’m pleased that it’s largely unrelated to transition. In fact, transition is one of a few very bright spots in my life.

About 5-6 weeks without shaving. I should clean up my neck, but my dog loves rubbing her snout in it, so it stays!

I continue to lose hair from my head, and I freaked out a little last night when I noticed that I have some visible crown thinning. I had a massage on Monday and my masseuse commented that I had less hair (whilst massaging my head, not just a casual observation.) I’ve been growing my hair over the winter and was planning to see how long I could get it by the end of June, but I may bail on this and get it cut soon. For one, it’s starting to make me look like a Crazy Canuck. Secondly, I think I should try going back on the topical saw palmetto to see if it slows this hair loss, but it’s only effective if you can get it right to the scalp and my current coiffure doesn’t allow this.

Related to this, I’ve requested that my DHT levels get checked the next two times I get blood work. DHT is a double-edged sword! I want the stuff for virilization but it’s also is a primary culprit of hair loss. I won’t make any changes if it’s within range, but I’m curious to see if it’s too high.

I had blood taken last week for the first time in several months and my T levels came back high: 112.3 pmol/L (male range is 25-89.) I wonder if this could be causing my new-found inability to concentrate!? I dropped my dosage today from 200 mg to 180 mg / 2 weeks. Everything else on the lab report looks good. My DHEA is on the low end of the range, but I don’t know much about DHEA so I plan to do a little research about it.

2 weeks until 2 years!!

UPDATE, 03/24/10: I had blood work done again today, but didn’t get the DHT test because I wasn’t aware that it’s not covered by my provincial health care. No lab in Canada even does the test; the sample has to be flown to Utah, USA on dry ice. Cost for the test is $180. I’d like to get it done, but it’s not a financial priority at the moment.