As of today, I’ve been on testosterone for 22 months and 2 days (or about  1 year and 10 months.) In terms of changes, I don’t have much to report since my last update at 20 months. Changes are still occurring, but they’re more subtle. Note that I’m now including a receding hairline shot in these galleries for my own comparisons. I’ve lost a bit of weight recently, now hovering between 135 – 140 lbs. I’d like to pack on a lot more muscle weight this year.

I posted this singing voice update video almost two weeks ago now, so apologies to you if this is repetition but I know a lot of people who read my blog don’t necessarily follow my activities on YouTube or Twitter. I also recently penned an article for called Testosterone and the Trans Male Singing Voice – please check it out if you’re interesting in learning more about the FTM singing voice!