20 months on T

As of today, I’ve been on testosterone for 20 months, 1 week and 6 days (or 1 year 8.5 months.) This makes the title of this post somewhat inaccurate. It just seemed simpler that way.

I didn’t mention it in my last post, but a couple of weeks before I’d been in a high speed car accident. I bring it up now because the aftermath has had some effect on the progress of my physical transition. I wasn’t seriously injured, though I did seek out torque release therapy for about 8 weeks to help with some misalignment and pain in my back. I felt more physically vulnerable during this time and didn’t work out at all. I’ve also experienced some residual stress from the accident, and combined with the lack of working out, I’ve lost about 8 lbs. (Now 138-140lbs.) I’ve only just started working out again in the past 2 weeks, but already I’m seeing results.

Back in October, I had a nipple infection. My left nipple got painful and swollen. It improved after a week but had not gone way completely so I went to see my doctor. My guess was that it was duct ectasia or undissolved stitches. My doctor simply called it an infection and told me to continue taking oil of oregano, and he prescribed a homeopathic remedy. The infection went away, but then returned again this week. It hasn’t been as painful, but it did wind up oozing quite a bit, and I found the culprit: a teeny, tiny piece of suture. So small, 1/8″ (nothing like the 3″ stitches Luke had to pull out!) It left a hole in its wake and the infection is now subsiding again. It looks like there could be at least two other pieces of suture in the nipple. I guess they’ll work themselves out. It’s kind of odd to be happening this long after surgery (19 months, 2 weeks, 2 days.) If I lived in Vancouver, I’d go see Dr. Bowman about it but I don’t think it’s serious enough to warrant the 6 hour trip at this time.

I’ve been steadily losing hair from my head over the past few months. I don’t know if it’s related to the DHT I used for 3 months, or if it’s just a natural change from my regular testosterone. So far, it’s really just a more masculine hair line. In fact, I think it looks better. My hair was always way too thick on top, to the point where it gave me headaches (when it was long.) I’m a little worried the trend will continue past what I think is acceptable though. I’m keeping a close eye on it.

I’d like to get more saw palmetto tincture to try and topically block DHT on my scalp, but I also think I need a haircut before that will work again. (Longer hair makes it more difficult to get the saw palmetto right to the scalp.) I haven’t had a haircut since late August! I was just curious to see what it would look like a little longer. Testosterone has made it more wiry feeling, and it’s growing in pretty curly. Part of me feels ready to go get it cut short again, but it’s also cold out there! I might just go for a ski bum look for a bit. When I do get it cut, I imagine it will make the receding hairline stand out a bit more. Hmm.

My facial hair keeps coming in nicely. I don’t like to shave much. I like the act of shaving, but my skin hates it. I trim weekly instead. Hair is starting to work its way down from corner of my mouth (I can’t wait to grow a Fu Manchu!), and the center of my chin is finally starting to fill in. It’s slow but steady.

The following photos were taken last week, Wed Dec 9, 2009.


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