All About DHT for Transgender Men

Alex tipped me off about a possible supply problem with DHT in North America. I had my pharmacy contact the PCCA yesterday and it was confirmed: the PCCA is out of stock and their supplier has discontinued the manufacture of DHT. While there may be other suppliers in the US that I am unaware of, my pharmacy was only able to obtain DHT through the PCCA. Unless another manufacturer steps in, the supply of DHT for trans men in Canada just dried up like the rivers of Mars.

Thankfully, I got my 3-month supply, and my trial with DHT has been positive: I’ve achieved about 1 cm of growth in 2.5 months. I don’t plan on using DHT again until/if I book a metoidioplasty surgery. If I do have a meta, I will want to use DHT for 3 months pre-op, then again for 3 months after a few months of being post-op. Hopefully by that time, DHT will be available again in North America (without having to buy the 2.5% Andractim Gel online.) I mean really: it’s a proven enlargement product! There should be a huge market for it.