As of today, I’ve been on testosterone for 15 months and 1 day. I haven’t done one of these transition photo posts since early March (11 months on T), and it’s been since February (10 months on T) that I’ve taken the full range of photos. This should be interesting!

I’m currently injecting 200mg every two weeks. Beginning April 29 (after my hysterectomy and when I started DHT cream) I reduced my dose to 150mg and maintained this for 2 months. My T level at 6 weeks post-hysto was a high 117.6 pmol/L. My levels then went down to 65.9 pmol/L, and back to 75.7 pmol/L. Perhaps more interestingly, my DHEA went from 4.5 umol/L (low), to 3.6 umol/L (lower), and only on the last test did it go back to male range at 5.4 umol/L, the first time I’ve been in range on this metric in 7 months. Things seem to be levelling off. During the time I was injecting the lower dose I felt tired more often, and I think going back to 200mg is helping to alleviate this.

The combination of over a year on T, a hysterectomy, and some DHT cream occasionally applied, has helped my facial hair growth pick up. It’s still coming in slowly, with some patches thicker than others, but I have fairly recognizable sideburns now, and this growth is starting to creep down along my jaw line. My mustache and chin fur is still white-blond but thickening. I continue to get furrier all over my body. I had a cisguy friend express a little jealously over my chest hair the other day!

I’m now 2-months symptom-free from the post-hysterectomy VVF complication and that means that I can now return to full activity. I added light weight lifting to my daily routine about a month ago, and short bike rides 2 weeks ago. I’m very pleased to be able to now go back to a full workout regimen, and have been lengthening my cycling routes, adding distance and difficulty. However, I’m not back in shape yet: I gained about 5-8 pounds of body fat from the inactivity after the hysterectomy and VVF complication, and have noticably lost muscle mass from almost 5 months off my regular workouts. Oh well, one day at a time. Yesterday I did 45 minutes of weights, rode my bike for 40 minutes and went for a swim at the lake. I’m so thankful to be able to be active again!

Speaking of weight… I now clock in at 145-150 lbs! Prior to my original top surgery, I was 113 lbs. I don’t have much fat, but I’m bigger and thicker all over. Sometimes it’s disorienting: my body moves through the world a little differently. I’m outgrowing clothes like crazy, and I had to finally admit the other day that my beloved high top Pumas are now too small for me. They say your feet don’t grow in length from T, but my feet seem to have grown in both width and length, and my GF’s growing shoe collection is testimony to this.

I’m pleased with how my chest is healing from the revision I had in February, though I’d still like more symmetry. There’s just a little too much fat under my left pec. Or, maybe it’s that there’s too little under my right pec. Either way, I’m not terribly fussed about it. I’ll go see Dr. Bowman for a check-up later this summer and will see what he thinks.

The acne hasn’t been too bad on my face lately, but my back fares worse. I suspect that switching to a weekly injection cycle could help out, but I’m not yet willing to switch. I’m going to keep riding it out unless it really starts to bug me.