I wanted to provide a quick update about how I am healing from the post-hysterectomy vesicovaginal fistula (VVF.)  After the unfortunate recurrence of the fistula following application of silver nitrate to the “excess scar tissue,” I had minor VVF symptoms for one week. I have now been symptom-free again for 14 days.

I saw my urologist last Tuesday (at 7 days symptom-free.) I was concerned that he would want to do another cystoscopy and I decided that I would refuse it at that point because the test requires the bladder to be filled, and I thought that stretching the bladder out like that could break open any healing I’d done. Thankfully, the urologist completely agreed. He was visibily shocked when I told him about my gynecologist applying silver nitrate and told me, “Don’t let anyone touch you!” He said I was a “walking miracle” to have spontaneously healed at all (twice even!) and that any attempt to inspect or correct the VVF at this point would most likely cause further iatrogenic injury.

He recommended that I continue everything I am doing, such as reduced fluids (especially at night), emptying my bladder every two hours, and maintaining general good health. I have a 5-star diet, I’m getting lots of rest, drinking cranberry and citrus juices to keep my urine acidified (to ward off infection), and I’m taking Natrum Sulphate and Cantharis homeopathic remedies as instructed by my GP.

The urologist also encouraged another five weeks of limited activity. So from now until mid June, I am staying focused on sending my body’s energy to heal the fistula.