Yesterday marked two months since my top surgery revision with Dr. Cameron Bowman, so I shot a few photos to document the results so far.

I’m very pleased.

The smaller areolas are great. There is some scarring around them that makes them look larger than they are, but I’m confident that will fade and reveal their true size. Also, using aloe vera gel, castor oil and cocoa butter really helped tone down the pleating after my original surgery, so I’m doing a regular regimen of applying these to soften up the pleating acquired in the revision.

The liposuction also went well. In fact, the pain that I had in my right side when lying on my front after the first surgery that never went away was completely gone after the revision. This was something I’d been hoping for.

I think I still could have had a little more tissue sucked from under the left pec, but I know that my chest will continue to change shape in the coming months. I’ve lost so much definition from not being able to work out, and regaining that will also affect the overall aesthetics quite drastically.