Revision surgery successful

My revision surgery last week went very well!

The Delta Hospital was a nice facility, small with a friendly staff. They did the little things, such as warming up the hospital issue socks for me in a dryer, and letting me lounge for as long as I needed post-op.

I did not have any popped internal stitches.

As they were wheeling me in, one of the nurses told my GF that she didn’t know how long I would be in the OR, that Dr. Bowman is “slower than some surgeons and very methodical,” which sound like great qualities to me! In the end, the surgery was two hours long.

I went to Vancouver yesterday for a check-up (12 hours of travel for a 12 minute appointment!) and Dr. Bowman was very pleased with the results.

In the end, I did not get drains but I do have to wear a compression vest for four weeks. Not a bad trade off!

I have posted a couple of videos about the whole experience on my YouTube channel:


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