Upcoming top surgery revision

I’m scheduled for a revision surgery for my chest this Friday at the Delta Hospital in Vancouver, BC with Dr. Cameron Bowman.


The goals of the surgery are to provide me with better symmetry by removing some extraneous breast tissue via liposuction, improving the appearance of my areolas by making them smaller and potentially cleaning up a scar that was stretched. Dr. Bowman thinks that I may have popped one of my internal Gortex stitches causing this stretching. I still have pain in my chest when I try and lie on my front, so I’m also hoping that getting the revision will address this.

The procedure will be about one hour and I will be put under. I’ll be staying at a nearby hotel with my GF and will be able to travel home the next day. I’ll be taking next week off work to heal up.

I’m a little nervous, as expected, but I know I’m in good hands with Dr. Bowman. And quite frankly, I’m looking forward to the anesthetic—it’s about the only thing that seems to slow me down these days!


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