My new T tattoo

My GF and I celebrated our 12th anniversary on January 7. Several times now on our special day we’ve celebrated by getting his and hers tattoos. This tradition started on our 6th anniversary (I think), when we each got old school hearts tattooed with the other’s name in the banner that flows across the heart. My GF’s heart with my name in it is on her upper arm, on the side of her left bicep. For her tattoo this year, she had a delicate vine wrapped around her arm added to this. It looks really nice!

For my tattoo, I opted for an old Germanic letter T. It stands for:

  • Transition
  • Transgender
  • Transman
  • Testosterone

…and it’s appropriately positioned on my Thigh. It’s a bit of an odd placement, especially considering that for others looking at me, it appears upside down. I like this—it’s not immediately recognizable as the letter T, it looks more like a symbol of some kind.


When I inject my testosterone however, it’s plainly a T, and I get to stare it down while I plunge the needle into my thigh. It’s a small and simple tattoo, and I’m loving it!


All of my tattoos have been done by women artists, with the majority of them done by C, who unfortunately (for us) left town a couple of years back. Luckily, my GF sourced out a new tattoo shop for us, run by three women. One of the women there has a special interest in koi tattoos. She has a number of them herself, and also happens to raise koi on her property. I plan to have a Japanese koi tattooed on my chest later this spring, and now I’ve found the perfect artist who can do it.


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