DHT and determination

All About DHT for Transgender Men

DHT is currently being shipped to my compounding pharmacy!

After passing on the information (or lack thereof) that I sourced from Health Canada last week, my pharmacist took the reins and sourced my DHT through PCCA. He had to write a letter requesting access to the drug, but we’re now just waiting for it to come in. It should arrive later this week. At that time, the pharmacist will be able to compound the cream for me.

It would seem that in the case of DHT, determination pays off.

If you are wanting a prescription for DHT, speak with your doctor or endocrinologist. Be prepared to present some detailed information about DHT, especially if you’re approaching a GP, who’s unlikely to be aware of it. Please keep in mind that they may deny you the prescription. If successful, take your prescription to a compounding pharmacy. If they don’t know where to get DHT, tell them to contact PCCA. If they tell you they can’t get it, persevere. Anyone in North America should have access to DHT with a valid prescription.

I just called the pharmacy in Victoria, BC where I previously spoke to a pharmacist who rather gruffly told me I couldn’t get DHT, and I informed them that their information was incorrect and out of date. Hopefully that will help out the next guy who tries to get DHT from them. I’ll call Health Canada tomorrow and let them know as well. Sheesh.


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