The ongoing saga of obtaining DHT in Canada

After numerous phone calls to Health Canada and getting shuttled around department to department within the Office of Controlled Substances, it’s now clear that the Canadian government doesn’t really know anything concrete about the status of DHT in this country!

I won’t bother going into the detail of the circuitous, runaround conversation I had today with the Special Access Program rep, but I will reveal the outcome of our dialogue: Health Canada has referred me to a drug distributor in Ohio, USA to find out if and how my pharmacist can import DHT from them. That’s right: Health Canada doesn’t know how Canadian pharmacies get DHT, and want an American company to tell us how it’s done. I really am laughing. I’d be more frustrated if this wasn’t so hilarious.

I tried ringing the person at the US company but got her machine, so I passed on the contact info to my pharmacist since I think they’d have a more constructive conversation anyway.

I hope to update this story soon with some forward motion!


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