All About DHT for Transgender Men

As I recently indicated in a comment response, I still don’t have the DHT cream that I got a prescription for on December 2.

The pharmacy where I took the prescription tried obtaining DHT to make the cream from several distributors, but were unsuccessful. They referred me to Victoria Compounding. I reached their pharmacist on the phone and he informed me that DHT is a controlled substance in Canada—a narcotic, in fact. I found this surprising since I’ve never seen testosterone referred to as a narcotic. (It’s not listed on the International Narcotics Control Board’s  List of Narcotics Under International Control.) He repeatedly told me that trying to import DHT would be illegal. He wasn’t particularly friendly and made me feel like I was trying to buy smack or something.  Other than telling me about another testosterone cream he compounds with an aromatase blocker (which I doubt would be as strong or effective as DHT in the context of my intended use) his only recommendation was to obtain a government exemption.

I hung up the phone a little confused and disappointed. After all, if I’m going to drop $30,000-$40,000 on a dick, I want to do everything I can to get the best results. And, two out of the three surgeons I’m consulting with recommend DHT cream use pre-op.

Several patients of Dr. Miro have reported that they obtained DHT cream directly from him. When I asked him about DHT cream, he recommended I buy Andractim DHT Gel online. I’m not inclined to buy it online for a few reasons though:

  • The product is alcohol based and may cause a burning sensation when applied to genitals. Try that three times day.
  • It’s expensive and requires me to purchase a prostate  screening kit with my first order. (UPDATE: Simply check off “female” when ordering and you won’t have to buy the kit.)
  • How can I trust that what I receive really is DHT and the concentration specified? I’ve never bought anything from an online pharmacy located in Cyprus… have YOU?
  • And of course, I have to remember what the pharmacist said: it would be illegal for me to bring it into the country anyway.

I called my doctor’s office today and asked them if they had any experience with applying for a government exemption. The answer was no. However, the receptionist said that if I do the research to find the right forms from Health Canada, she’d ask my doctor to review the application and submit it if he supported the action.

I found a few things on the Health Canada website:

  • Office of Controlled Substances
    Manages an exemption process that allows individuals with legitimate scientific or medical reasons to possess a controlled substance.
  • Exemptions
    What’s missing here is the “Application Form For An Exemption To Use A Controlled Substance For Medical Reasons.” Hmm…

I also called the Office of Controlled Substances but it was too late in Ottawa, Ontario at the time of my call, so I left a detailed message. (That should raise an eyebrow come Monday morning…)

I suspect that my application will also need to be accompanied by some research, journal articles,  clinical info about DHT for FTM genital growthsomething more than “some guys say they got dick growth.” I recall Dr. McGinn telling me there was no clinical research available, so I’ll probably have to collate related studies and explain that those results, along with the recommendations from surgeons, suggest a valid reason for exemption. I’m not holding my breath, but I do plan to see it through as far as I can. Man, what a trans guy’s got to do to get a wee!

UPDATE, Jan 24: When I did my T shot earlier this week, I pulled out the leaflet that comes with the vial and noticed that it read: “testosterone is a controlled substance.” The difference with DHT is that it’s not marketed in Canada. In order to get an exemption, I’ll have to show that products that are currently marketed in Canada will not suffice, and that DHT cream is my best option.