Nine months on T

As of today, I have been on testosterone for 9 months, 1 week and 3 days.

Nothing remarkable to report since last month, though I’m pleased that my skin is clearing up, particularly my face. I notice that I tend to get a small breakout on my back a few days before my shot. This is line with other anecdotal reports I’ve heard, and a reason that some guys choose to shoot every week instead of every two weeks.

Everyone comments on my voice lately. I have become The Master of the Deep. I like my voice a lot more. I’m referring to my talking voice here; my singing voice is not very good right now. I seem to be past the majority of squeakiness, but talking too much and singing strain my vocal chords and make me sound like I drink a fifth of bourbon with breakfast. However, this could have positive results with the tonal quality of my singing voice…

I still miss the facial hair I shaved off on New Year’s Day. It’s coming in pretty well though. I can’t imagine a time in my life when I will be a clean shaven guy!!

I got back to working out yesterday after taking a full week off. I’ve started a new muscle building program that required I take the week off before starting. I’m quite excited about the potential with this new program and will post more about it in detail soon. One of the things I find a bit puzzling is figuring out where I fit into the program with regards to male and female. Do I have enough T in me to fit squarely into the male spectrum? Or, should I be following the recommendations for female with my smaller frame? Since my goal is a masculine physique, I’m following the male plan, but listening to my body as my ultimate guide. I’m definitely not going to be eating as much as the program recommends. The meal plans are insane!

A little technical note about the photos: Generally speaking, I hate using a flash and much prefer natural lighting. However, I live in the BC rainforest and at this time of year, lighting is at a premium. The raw photos off my (cheap) camera are dark, so I use the Auto Levels setting in Fireworks to brighten them. It does a good job, but the processing also adds a graininess. Seeking to take some of this bite off, I dropped the color saturation on these photos and I like the final result. They remind me of antique hand colored images.


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