Looking back one year, ten years

The New Year always seems to bring with it a sense of retrospect—the desire to look back on life and assess from the fresh perspective of another January. For me, this now holds additional meaning since January 1, 2009 marks the first anniversary of the beginning of my social transition. Happy anniversary to me!

Rather than get all wordy about it (read: I need to go eat dinner) I thought I’d simply post a few photos that look back one year and ten years. Isn’t it neat how people change over time?

This photo was taken in July, 1999, on a road trip my GF and I took to see Ani DiFranco and Maceo Parker in Eugene, OR. Here I am, a young pup at 25, at the World Hemp Festival in nearby Coburg where we camped for a couple of nights:

July 1999

It was so hot in Oregon that I ended up walking around the festival topless one day. I was puzzled/clueless about why guys seemed so interested in talking to me. It never occurred to me that my bare chest might have been a magnet. Being topless just felt natural and good. (I also went topless at the Maceo show and wound up getting a good many women in my section to strip off their tops as well, much to the pleasure of Maceo’s trombone player.)

This next photo was taken in December, 2007 just after my GF cut off my dreadlocks. By this point, I was thinking of myself as transgender, but I was primarily concerned with getting top surgery and was not certain about undertaking a more in-depth transition. I figured if I just got top surgery I’d be more comfortable in my skin but wouldn’t need to go through a social transition—it would be more of a personal thing.

December 2007

I took this photo of myself yesterday, January 2, 2009. On New Year’s Day, I shaved off my scant facial hair… and I really miss it!! I feel naked and think I look too feminine without my cheezy teenstache and burns. Oh well, I did it to celebrate newness, and it will grow back eventually. Until then, it’s sandpaper kisses!

January 2, 2009


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