I have arrived! Yesterday, I injected my first 200mg dose of testosterone. This is the maintenance dosage that my endocrinologist will not exceed. I will inject this dosage every two weeks unless lab results start to indicate this is too high.

I got the report from blood taken last week faxed to me today. It looks much better than my last results! I am within range for all tests: DHEA-S is 5.3 umol/L, estriadol is back down to 172 pmol/L, and my free testosterone has almost doubled since my last test, now at 29.0 pmol/L. That’s still on the low side: the range for men is 25-89. It’s good that it’s low now though since that means there’s no reason not to go to the 200mg dosage, and even gives me some room to play if the DHT cream adds to my T levels a little.

Now that I’m on a higher dosage, I requested a different prescription for testosterone, a higher concentration of 200mg/ml. This means I will have half the volume to inject compared to the 100mg/ml I was getting. Plus, I’ve heard that buying T in the higher concentration is cheaper. Typically, I take my prescriptions to the local Wal-Mart pharmacy since they seem to be the cheapest, but they are unable to obtain this higher concentration of Depo-testosterone cypionate. I took it to the pharmacy where I am getting the DHT cream from, and they said they could get it but it would take a week to bring it in. I hope to pick up both my new T prescription and the DHT cream tomorrow.