Dr. Christine McGinn
Dr. Christine McGinn

Dr. Christine McGinn performs the Ring Metoidioplasty technique, and has worked with Dr. Ako, Dr. Bowers, and Dr. Sherman Leis.

I spoke with Dr. McGinn by phone. She called herself a “straight shooter with no bull” and said she has a “conservative approach to get the best possible results.” She answered all of my questions in depth and exhibited a willingness to share and inform.

Questions & Answers

What meta procedure do you offer for trans men?

  • Ring metoidioplasty (Stage 1) and scrotoplasty (Stage 2).
  • Ring metoidioplasty includes urethral extension.
  • Scrotoplasty may include fusing of the labia to create a single scrotal sac. This depends on the amount of labial tissue present and would require an in-person consultation to assess.

What is your 2008 pricing for this procedure?

  • Stage 1: $15,500 USD (metoidioplasty with urethral extension)
  • Stage 2: $3,800 USD (scrotoplasty)

This includes all anesthesiologist and facility fees.

Is an in-person consultation required prior to booking surgery?
A consultation is required, but it can be done on the phone. The cost for this is $150 USD.

What kind of waiting list do you have?
3-4 months advance booking.

Do you perform this in one or two surgeries?
Two. Stage 2 is performed a minimum of 6 months after Stage 1 is completed.

Where do you perform these procedures?
There is a choice of two hospitals: DSI of Bucks County in Bensalem, and Doylestown Hospital, both located just north of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Do you require patients to stop taking testosterone prior to surgery?
Yes, patient must stop taking testosterone for 1 month before surgery.

How long is the hospital stay?
2-4 days in hospital, then stay in the area for 10-14 days.

What tissue is used for the urethral extension?
Vaginal tissue.

How long is the suprapubic catheter left in?
This depends on the patient’s healing progress, but typically it is removed 10-14 days post-op.

What are the common complications with these procedures?

  • Stage 1: Fistula, strictures.
  • Stage 2: Extrusion is “common.”

How many times have you performed metoidioplasty with urethral extension?
Participated in 10 simple metas, 5 metas (with urethral extension); independently performed 1 ring meta (with urethral extension).

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Please note: This information is provided for information purposes only and in no way should it serve as a replacement for your own research and consultations. My intent is not to find a “winner”, but to figure out which surgeon I am best suited to. We each have unique requirements and criteria, so please don’t go on my word. At the same time, there are plenty of questions that surgeons have to answer over and over, so hopefully this series will cut down on some of that repetition.

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