Dr. Marci Bowers
Dr. Marci Bowers

UPDATE, 2017: Dr. Bowers no longer performs Ring Metoidioplasty, only Simple Meta.

Ring Metoidioplasty

Ring Metoidioplasty or Ring Flap Metoidioplasty is a technique that was first developed in Japan by plastic surgeon, Dr. Ako Takamatsu. This procedure uses a flap of skin from the vagina along with the labia minora to create the urethral extension, instead of tissue from the mouth (buccal mucosa.) Additionally, the clitoral chordee is released. The result is a lengthened phallus with added girth, and the ability to pee standing.

Questions & Answers

What metoidioplasty procedure do you offer for trans men?

  • Simple Meta
  • Scrotoplasty does not include fusing of the labia to create a single scrotal sac.
  • Ring metoidioplasty (Stage 1) and Scrotoplasty (Stage 2).
  • Ring metoidioplasty includes urethral extension.

What is your current pricing (2008) for this procedure?

  • Stage 1: $10,200 USD (metoidioplasty with urethral extension)
  • Stage 2: $3,800 USD (scrotoplasty)

This includes all anesthesiologist and facility fees.  Note: 2009 pricing for Stage 1 is $13,500 USD.

Is an in-person consultation required prior to booking surgery?
No. Dr. Bowers will have a consultation with you the day before surgery.

What kind of waiting list do you have?
1 year advance booking.

Do you perform this in one or two surgeries?
Two. Stage 2 is performed a minimum of 6 months after Stage 1 is completed.

Where do you perform these procedures?
Mount San Rafael Hospital, Trinidad, Colorado, USA.

Do you require patients to stop taking testosterone prior to surgery?
(I forgot to ask this question.)

How long is the hospital stay?
2-4 days in hospital, then stay in Trinidad for one week.

What tissue is used for the urethral extension?
Vaginal tissue.

How long is the suprapubic catheter left in?
This depends on the patient’s healing progress, but typically it is removed within a week.

What are the common complications with these procedures?

  • Stage 1: Fistula, strictures.
  • Stage 2: Extrusion, “very rare.”

How many times have you performed metoidioplasty with urethral extension?
35+ simple metas (no urethral extension), 1 ring meta (with urethral extension) with no complications.

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