The Six Thousand Dollar Man

The Sx Thousand Dollar ManThe day before my top surgery, I had this custom Transam t-shirt made up (which is funnier if you’re aware of my first name and my love for muscle cars.)

While I was in Vancouver last week, I had another custom T made, this time, The Six Thousand Dollar Man. I like to joke that eventually I’ll need to get another one made that says The Sixty Thousand Dollar Man.

Also, I had another Transam shirt made up for my older sister while I was in Vancouver. Originally, I gave one to my younger sister who helped out a great deal after my top surgery, then my older sister really wanted one too.  I picked out a women’s baby style T and had a hard time deciding on what size to get. I settled on a medium. After I got back to my hotel room, I tried the shirt on to gauge how it might fit my sis. BIG mistake! Apparently, I can no longer try on clothes for my sisters: I am way too bulked out! I was afraid I was going to pop some stitches in the shirt, then that progressed to paranoia because I couldn’t get it off. I just about dislocated my shoulder trying to get out of it!


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