Revamping my workout routine

Inspired by a video on YouTube called My Five Principles for Resistance Training, I ordered the Strength Training Anatomy book, and picked it up at the post office yesterday. It’s a great reference, extremely clear and loaded with quality illustrations. I’ve been doing this morning workout (plus the chest and reverse flies) six days a week, but I am going to revamp it a little using the new book as a guide. I’d like to come up with two or three different workouts that I can vary between, to keep it interesting and to rest muscle groups without having to skip a workout.

I stopped drinking alcohol January 1st of this year to prepare for my top surgery, but did let myself drink a couple of times starting in August. I just spent a few days in Vancouver where I had my last hoorah with alcohol. Now that I’m pre-op again—with a top surgery revision and hysterectomy on my horizon, plus a psychiatric assessment in January—alcohol is once again off the menu. This probably means I’ll drop a few pounds too, sweet.


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