I saw Dr. Bowman today for a six month check-up of my chest. The issue I was most concerned with going in is the lack of symmetry between the two sides of my chest, caused by “swelling” on the right and extraneous tissue on the left. When I saw Dr. Bowman six weeks post-op, he thought I might have a hematoma causing the swelling on the right. Today, he said it was simply extra sub-cutaneous tissue—something that won’t just go away with time. Both the right and left sides can be treated with liposuction to remove the extra tissue.

Additionally, he suggested resizing and reshaping my areola. I think the current size of my areola is a little big, but I probably wouldn’t have had a revision simply to deal with that. Since the lipo needs to happen though to give me symmetry, I’m totally up for revising the areola as well.

The revision surgery won’t be very long (about an hour) but I will need to go under again. Some liposuction can be done under local anesthesia, but not for what I need.

I have a tentative revision surgery date booked for Friday, February 13, 2009. I didn’t ask about fees, but I *think* I only need to pay anesthesiologist fees, somewhere in the area of $1000. I’ll get confirmation of this via email, then finalize the surgery date. I will need to spend two nights in Vancouver and have my GF accompany me. I won’t need the post-surgical compression vest (yay!) and I don’t think I’ll have drains in either. The surgery will take place at the hospital in Delta, BC (outside Vancouver.)

An interesting side note: the scar around my right areola is a bit larger because the “swelling” caused it to stretch. Dr. Bowman made a comment about stitching coming loose under the skin. I said something like, “the stitches disintegrate though, right?” He replied that no, I have some stitches that are permanent, to hold things in place. Guess what they’re made of? Gortex! I thought that was pretty cool.

UPDATE, November 20: The surgery date has now been confirmed. The good news: NO FEES! I don’t know how it’s being billed, perhaps as gynecomastia? The bad news: I MIGHT need drains. Dr. Bowman will make that call during the surgery. Fingers crossed!