Metoidioplasty Surgeons: Part 1

I started researching surgeons for bottom surgery in earnest in August, 2008. In particular, I’m interested in metoidioplasty with urethral extension and scrotoplasty. When I started this journey a year ago, I didn’t think I was interested in having a scalpel anywhere near my genitals. Things have changed.

This entry is the first in a series about choosing a surgeon for metoidioplasty and scrotoplasty.

Surgeons I’m Not Considering

I’ll start by identifying the surgeons that I’m not considering and why.

Dr. Cameron Bowman in Vancouver, BC, Canada was my surgeon for my top surgery, and he trained with Dr. Stan Monstrey in Belgium in phalloplasty and related procedures. I really wish I could consider Dr. Bowman for lower surgery but he does not perform metoidioplasty (and cannot get OR time for phalloplasty.)

Dr. Pierre Brassard in Montreal, QC, Canada was an obvious selection for consideration given that I live in Canada. However, I’ve heard mixed reviews about the GRS Montreal clinic, including dissatisfaction with metoidioplasty results.

Please note: This information is provided for information purposes only and in no way should it serve as a replacement for your own research and consultations. My intent is not to find a “winner”, but to figure out which surgeon I am best suited to. We each have unique requirements and criteria, so please don’t go on my word. At the same time, there are plenty of questions that surgeons have to answer over and over, so hopefully this series will cut down on some of that repetition.

Metoidioplasty and Scrotoplasty Surgeons Blog Post Series

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