This is just a quick bump-by-bump rundown of where I’m at in the process of getting a hysterectomy.

I saw my primary physician last month and requested that he submit a request to British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan (MSP) for coverage for my hysterectomy.

I spoke with a Benefits Specialist at MSP a few days later and she let me know that they required documentation to verify when I started my Real Life Experience (RLE).

I obtained a support letter from Dr. Preece to satisfy MSP’s requirement.

I did some reading to familiarize myself with the different types of hysterectomy procedures. Total laparoscopic is what I would like to have. A friend sent me Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy for Female-to-Male Transsexuals, a very good article on the subject.

I met with my other physician to consult with her about her local knowledge of surgeons and the hospital, and to tap into her expertise in women’s health. She referred to Dr. Matthew Bagdan (Obstetrics/Gynecology) as “extraordinary”.

I booked a consultation with Dr. Bagdan for November 19.

I am now waiting for MSP to submit a request to the offices of Drs Knudson and Robinow about booking me in for a psychiatric assessment for hysterectomy coverage. That appointment could take place in January. I hope to have funding in place by Spring.

I have solidified my reasoning for getting a hysterectomy, condensing my position into 5 solid points:

  1. Identity requirements
  2. Preventative cancer treatment (as is often recommended by my endocrinologist)
  3. Being able to eventually lower my synthetic intake of testosterone without risk of menstruation
  4. Increased virilization (no longer fighting estrogen)
  5. Requirement for lower surgery

Getting a hysto won’t be quite as rewarding as my top surgery, but I feel better about going forward with this now and see it as part of the journey to get where I want to be.