It’s now been 5 months and 4 days since my top surgery.

I have almost all sensitivity back. I still have swelling on the right, and the feeling of a bruise under the areola and nipple.

My left side feels very good, but there seems to be a little left over breast tissue there. I’m noticing it under my arm and under the areola. With the right side still swollen, it’s hard to gauge the balance between the two sides though. If I do end up having a revision to remove what’s assumed to be a hematoma on the right, I may request some lipo on the left as well to remove that extraneous tissue and even things out a bit.

However, I’m keeping in mind what I’ve been told: it can take a full year for your chest to settle into it’s new shape post-op. Even if I have no further revisions, I’m still totally ecstatic about my chest, and am happy every day that I’ve had my top surgery.