After three months of 100mg shots every two weeks, my testosterone dosage was increased on Friday to 150mg every two weeks. For the first time since my very first shot, I got a rush with this injection, and also got that different taste in my mouth experience.

I did my own injection at the doctor’s office, this time using the Z-track method. However, I released the skin while the needle was still in the muscle which caused some minor pain. The day after the shot, my thigh muscle hurt more than it has with any shot before, no doubt due to my poor technique (and perhaps also the higher volume of T injected.) I still managed my daily 5km hike yesterday, but I was limping around last night. It’s still stiff today, but less painful.

The doctor sent me home with injection supplies and I will do my shots at home from here on out. I’m very pleased to have this in my own hands now, especially because the waits at the doctor’s office have gotten longer.