Facial hair: Is this cheating?

I recently had my hair cut and my stylist made some kind comments about my voice drop and emerging sideburns. He also noted however that despite the presence of said facial hair, that it’s so blond that it’s rendered practically invisible. While this might mean that I’ll wind up with a nice Nordic-looking blond beard eventually, it also means that I have pretty much no visible facial hair for now. Very nonchalantly, he suggested that I merely dye the facial hair if I wanted it to show more. That had never occurred to me since I’ve never dyed my hair before (save for a lone strip that I henna’d once.)

I picked up a box of Just For Men beard and sideburn dye. I went for a shade darker than my natural colour. I found it a bit freaky that it advised against eyebrow dying because that could “cause blindness”! Was I still willing to put these chemicals on my face? Uh, yeah. Anything for more facial hair!

The results were pretty good. The mustache hair is highlighted. I updated my WordPress profile photo (see left sidebar below) and you can now see a (faint) shadow above my lip. It also made it clear that I have one sideburn that’s coming in better than the other.

I suppose that dying my facial hair might count as cheating, but I am pleased with the experiment and will probably do it again when a little more comes in. I’m looking forward to coming back to this entry a year or two from now and having a good laugh at my efforts to look hairier!


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