These photos were taken at 5 months and 2 days on testosterone. Tomorrow I will have my last shot of 100mg, then two weeks later will go up to 150mg/2 weeks. I’ll have some blood work done at the end of the month to see where my T levels are at, and will be seeing the endocrinologist for a check-up next month.

I don’t see much difference in these photos compared to last month, though I definitely need a haircut! Perhaps the back shot shows a little more bulk, but it’s subtle. My quads are maybe a bit bigger.

I’ve also included a couple of shots of my wimpy facial hair growth. What I have is more than peachfuzz—it’s coarser—but it’s blond and pretty much invisible. I do have one dark hair in each sideburn. Oh joy. I am proud. I have been attempting to sculpt my sideburns and mustache out by shaving my cheeks and chin—no one notices.