Packer comparison and making a STP device

The Ultimate Guide to STP

Friday night, my GF and I were BBQing up a sirloin steak when I decided the time was right to mangle some meat of an entirely different kind. With the help of the hot coals, a tent peg and an assortment of other materials, I fabricated a DIY stand-to-pee (STP) device.

The idea came from a couple of very helpful videos on YouTube:

Getting started with STP devices

I started out by practicing STPing with the time-tested, tried-and-true, DIY coffee can lid. (I use an organic yogurt top.) Rolled up like a funnel, it’s quite easy to use, though I haven’t quite perfected the art with my pants pulled up around my hips. (I drop them to my knees.) This will do in a stall, but not at a urinal. The benefit of the plastic lid STP is that liquid beads up on the plastic and it’s easy to shake it off, and it fits perfectly in the back pocket of a standard pair of jeans.

charlesasher discusses how he started out with a medicine spoon in his STP Devices video. Concealed in his hand, he had no issues using a urinal with this. I picked up a medicine spoon at a local drug store for $1.99 but haven’t gotten around to sawing the end off yet.

What I have been experimenting with is the TravelMate. I ordered a 3-pack of these online and immediately cut off the end of one and started using that. I’m fairly good at it, but I still have to drop my drawers lower than I’d like to get a good fit.

Comparing packer vendors

Intrigued by the possibilities of using a urinal with a more realistic device, I ordered a couple of 3 1/2″ packers online so that I could make a STP device like charlesasher’s design. I also wanted to do a packer comparison, so I ordered one from Come As You Are based in Toronto and one from Mango Products based in Rhode Island. The products are exactly the same. They’re quite realistic, very soft, warm right up to your body temperature, and stay comfortably in place in snug briefs. (I have yet to venture into the world of harnesses.)

If you live in the US, ordering from is recommended. If you’re in Canada, the choice of vendor is less clear… until I crunched the numbers:

Vendor Cost Shipping Total ETA
Come As You Are $18 $8 $26 CAD 4 days
Mango Products $12 $20 $32 USD 8 days

It’s possible there are other good vendors I am unaware of, and if you think you know of a better source please do leave a comment here. I should also mention that Mango accepts payment via PayPal, which I consider a plus.

Corn starch vs. baking soda

The packers’ cyberskin is quite sticky/tacky feeling after washing. The instructions that come with the packer indicate the use of either corn starch or baking soda to keep it soft. I’ve tried both and while I found that the corn starch seems to clump up more with moisture, baking soda is grittier and proved to be a bit of an irritant. I’m experimenting with using less corn starch and will pickup a make-up brush that I can use for dusting rather than just sprinkling it on and working it in with my hands.

Back to the STP device creation… I heated the tent peg on the BBQ. Once it was good and hot, I cranked some rather ominous Metallica and hoped to catch the very moment of the packer piercing on video—it would have been pretty cool, with the smoking cock and background metal—but alas, the batteries on my camera died just as I was doing the deed! Creating the hole was pretty successful, though not perfectly positioned (and I’m a perfectionist.) I attached a length of tubing to the end of a sawed off TravelMate and thrust it into the packer. The result is pretty good, but I’m not perfectly adept at using my new STP device, and certainly not ready to use it through clothing yet.

Issues of flow and comfort

I’m finding that the flow of urine through the end hole is haphazard—it’s difficult to get a solid flow that can be aimed well. I considered pushing the tubing right out the end of the packer head so that the urine is running out the tubing directly, but flow issues remained (and the device looks less realistic.) I’m thinking that cutting a small dip either at the bottom of the the packer’s hole or on the bottom edge of the tubing might help better direct the flow.

Wearing it is a whole other issue. The TravelMate spoon pinned against the pubic bone is not particularly natural feeling.


Ideally, I could simply pee at a urinal without any device. The next best thing would be to be able to use a realistic device that’s comfortable and convenient. I’ll be keeping an eye on the new STP packers in development while I attempt I perfect my own STP device.


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