These photos were taken at 17 weeks on testosterone. I’ve now had three shots of 100 mg (previously was on 50mg/two weeks.) Looking at the photos, I think the shape of my face is a little fuller and less angular (though I don’t know if it’s as dramatic as Ryan’s facial changes), and the back shot indicates a little more muscle bulk. I don’t yet pass consistently, but it’s definitely on the rise.

(Sorry about the shadows and lighting. It’s freakin’ cloudy here today!)

Compare to: Pre-T photos, Three months on T

Someone recently asked me about the changes I’ve noticed since starting testosterone, and while I’ve certainly discussed some of the effects T has had on me here on Gender Outlaw, I hadn’t compiled a summary list… until now:

  • Increased body hair: a fine blond fur all over (and particularly my eyebrows, of all things!), darker and coarser hairs on my chest and stomach
  • Minor amounts of facial hair (still pretty soft), mostly at my sideburns and mustache
  • Increased muscle development and stamina
  • More strength in daily tasks, such as opening a sliding door (bam! oops!)
  • Voice is a bit deeper (but hasn’t cracked), sometimes strained, especially when singing
  • Increased acne, but not too bad, and subsided around the same time I started vitamins
  • More even moods and happier, less concern about the little details of life, more excited about life in general
  • More easily distracted
  • More confidence
  • Slightly higher sex drive
  • My feet have grown a 1/2 size
  • I’ve put on 10 lbs but apparently all muscle, my waist has shrunk a couple of inches (weight today: 128 lbs)
  • Increased perspiration, slightly stronger scent
  • Cessation of menstruation
  • Last but not least, dramatic clitoral growth (mostly within the first 2-4 weeks)

I have not experienced some of the common effects that I’ve read about, such as energy rushes*, a raging sex drive, impatience, being more quick to anger, and increased appetite. Maybe these are still on the way, or maybe they won’t happen at all. (* I did mention a rush after my first shot, but I think that must have been mostly adreneline since it hasn’t happened since.)

I’m looking forward to new T updates from Jacky, Ryan and Tarald!