Yesterday was the 12 week anniversary of my Top Surgery. How much do I love my chest? I have been topless for 4 days straight now. Yes, I’m very pleased. I still have more swelling on my right side. This could take many more months to go away. (Or, I’ll end up getting a revision with liposuction, after a year.) The scars are softening up, and they’re not as thick. I have some minimal puckering and pleating, but that also is softening up nicely and I’m not too concerned about it. Up close, my chest still looks post-surgical but I haven’t noticed many people looking twice.

I’ve been back to my full workout for a month now and I’m seeing more results in my muscle development compared to pre-testosterone. I also have more stamina: I can take shorter rests between sets, and I feel ready to up my weights already to above what I was doing pre-T.