The perks of testosterone

And they say you can’t be young again, ha! I’m going through a bit of a growth spurt. I noticed recently that my feet have grown a half size. I do a 5 km hike everyday and found that my toes were hitting the tips of my hiking shoes, giving me blisters. I went into town on Friday and did some shopping, picking up a pair of Adidas Campus running shoes. Thankfully, when I bought my green Puma First Round high tops last year they didn’t have my size and I bought a size larger instead (and put insoles in them) so they still fit. Phew! I love my green bad boyz!

I also picked up some new cargo shorts and to my surprise, found that the 32 size waist that I’ve been wearing since I was about 20 (except for the heavy period I went through for a couple of years) now slip off me. My waist is a 30 these days. (It’s probably more like 28″ but I don’t like my pants to fit too snugly.) I actually weigh more than I have in about 8 months, tipping in at about 128 lbs (I was 113-118 lbs in the spring), but I’m slimmer around my middle. This is the redistribution of body fat they talk about with testosterone therapy. It seems that I’m gaining the right kind of weight: muscle.

The hair on my head grows really fast and when it gets curly it looks girly, so I’ve been keeping it pretty short. I got a haircut on Friday and my stylist made sure I was entered as male in their computers, so I’m paying about $8 less for a hair cut than I did previously (even though I’m getting the exact same cut as I did when I was listed as female!)

New shoes, a slimmer waist, and cheaper haircuts. I’m loving these perks!


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