My change of name is now official

Sometimes the system DOES work! I submitted the papers for my legal change of name on June 27 and received the official certificate in the mail this past Tuesday, just over two weeks later. I’m totally impressed with the speed with which this was processed!

There’s some information about my new name posted here. Also, I ended up changing the order of names around a bit, winding up with [blank] Joshua Riverdale [blank] [blank]. Five names is quite a handle, so on forms and such I’ll just use [blank] Joshua [blank].

I’m working on a spreadsheet listing all the places where I will need to update my name. This includes:
Is he ever going to wear a shirt again?

  • driver’s license
  • health care card
  • credit cards
  • banks
  • phone company
  • hydro company
  • social insurance number
  • mortgage
  • insurance
  •,, and other online services where I use my CCs
  • credit bureaus

…and last but certainly not least, I will need to petition the province of Quebec for a new birth certificate that states only my new name. As Jacky pointed out, I’ll need support letters from my psychologist and doctor, as well as documentation showing that I am using my new name publicly. And pay a $125 fee (plus other hidden fees, I’m sure.)

The adventure continues!


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