Celebrating 100 blog posts

Inspired by Ryan’s Bicentenary, I’m celebrating my 100th post on Gender Outlaw with an overview of what’s gone down here since I started posting last November.

I started blogging on Gender Outlaw exactly one month after Ryan, on November 7, 2007, where I talked about my first chat with my doctor about being trans and wanting chest surgery. My, how far I’ve come! 🙂

Since then, more than 10,800 views have been logged, and I assume that a “view” is the same as a “hit,” meaning a single user session can generate multiple views. The busiest day was Sunday, June 1—must’ve been a rainy Sunday—when I blogged about Frustration and the cultivation of patience.

What else have I blogged about? Wordle provides this visual representation of my blog:

The Top 3 Most Popular Posts on Gender Outlaw have been:

  1. Body Alchemy, Transsexual Portraits (495)
  2. My top surgery experience (484)
  3. One week after top surgery (320)

How do people find this blog? The Top 3 Search Engine Terms so far are:

  1. Loren Cameron
  2. top surgery
  3. ftm transition

One stat I find surprising is that the term “metoidioplasty” has been used 24 times to find this site. I didn’t think that I’d ever blogged about metoid’ before, but just located it in the Loren Cameron book review. As I joked in a note posted in my Pownce account, how do the search engines know what I’m thinking about?! 😉

(I assume that “search engines” refers not just to sites like Google and Yahoo!, but also the WordPress.com search engine. Does anyone know this for certain?)

Aside from WordPress tag pages, the Top 3 Referrers to Gender Outlaw have been:

  1. Laura’s Playground: Trans News
  2. Tboy Jacky
  3. My life as a drag king

Thanks for the link love, folks!

In total, there have been 324 comments posted on Gender Outlaw (including my own) and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have contributed in this way. Your comments have made blogging here a rewarding experience and I really value your input!

I maintain a few other blogs on different subjects, but Gender Outlaw is definitely my favourite one. Thanks for reading, sharing your thoughts, and keeping me honest. Here’s to the next 100!


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