The beard quest

I’ll say this straight up:

I have a LONG way to go before I’ll be able to grow any respectable amount of facial hair.

With that out of the way, I can now gush about the few more hairs that have come in since my testosterone dosage was increased on July 4th. I tend to shave on Saturdays, mostly just for the fun of the ritual, but this past weekend my GF said she liked the feel of my soft stubble, so I left it to grow another week. (Am I a lucky guy or what?!) I mostly have hairs on my cheeks, sideburns and upper lip, and have just started to grow a few on my chin. They’re still pretty soft, but they’re thicker than they were a few weeks ago. They’re all quite blond, so I presume I will wind up with a dark blond, and perhaps slightly reddish beard.

Ned Romero as a Klingon in Star Trek TOS A couple of months ago, I posted a link to the very fun Quest for Every Beard Type in my Pownce account. This is a great compliment to the beard style info over on Hudson’s Guide. Only time will tell if I will be blessed by the beard gods to grow whatever style I want, but personally, I’m aiming for the Klingon (which would probably follow the typical transman chinstrap.)

For fun’s sake, do you have a favourite beard style you’re hoping to achieve?


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