No more ritual bleeding

I’ve been hesitant to declare my latest victory, thinking my body may just be playing tricks on me, but I’m feeling more confident about this today. Thanks to the wondrous effects of testosterone, I no longer experience monthly menstruation. Wow! I really wasn’t expecting this to happen so quickly—but NO complaints, it’s simply wonderful!

After four weeks on testosterone, I bled two days earlier than expected, which was not ordinary since I always had a regularity to my cycle that you could set your watch to. After eight weeks on testosterone, I bled another two days earlier (so, four days earlier than what I normally expected.) After twelve weeks on testosterone (six 50 mg shots and one 100 mg shot) I did not bleed at all.

During the week that I was last expecting to bleed, I felt like there was a hormonal battle being waged in my body, like an epic war between estrogen/progesterone and testosterone. I really didn’t expect things to stop so suddenly, and while I’d certainly be disappointed if I go on to experience some of kind of irregular bleeding, I wouldn’t be too surprised. Everything I’ve read indicates a stop at anywhere from 1-6 months of testosterone therapy. I never assumed that it would just STOP though, especially considering my low starting dose. I just didn’t think I’d be so lucky. Yet here I am, feeling truly charmed.

It will be interesting to see how I shift from a female cycle to a male monthly rhythm. I won’t experience regular the ups and downs of a female hormonal pattern, but I will still go through the hormonal acrobatics of fluctuating testosterone levels in my system. Frankly, two female cycle-powered people under one roof was a little too much! I have a feeling my new male rhythm will balance out my household a little. My GF jokingly calls me a “bastard” when I make proclamations about my newfound freedom. We’ll see how this plays out…!

UPDATE, September 26: Waiting for the miracle of testosterone to truly kick in


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