These photos were taken at three months on 50mg of T every two weeks. I don’t see too much difference from my pre-t photos other than the fact that I have a tan now, I’ve put on a couple of pounds around my waist, and that my left shoulder is much higher than my right, indicating that I need more chiropractic work! I’m a little less muscular, the result of post-operative healing… Right! I guess that’s the BIG difference: boobless!

I’ve been walking to the beach topless now, and went for a 16km bike ride yesterday topless as well. What’s really interesting about this is that I live in a small community, so I know about 60% of the people who drive by me. Many of these people still don’t know about my transition, and I find it interesting to consider what’s going through their minds as they register that I’m topless.

While I was at the beach the other day, a woman came down to the shore and stripped down to go for a quick dip. I noted this when looking in her direction, then realized that I should not be caught looking! A woman looking in the direction of a naked woman on a beach has an entirely different vibration than a male catching a glimpse. I consciously turned my back to her and walked in the opposite direction to give her some privacy.

Note my new swim trunks in photos. I wore these to the lake yesterday, where I also retreated when women were changing. No one seemed to take notice of my chest, even though it still looks a little surgical. Diving into the water off the dock hurt my chest a bit, from the water pressure. Coming up the ladder back onto the dock, my GF didn’t recognize me—she simply registered “man.” Neat!