Transgender people are a source of invaluable social wealth

Time for a quick Gender Outlaw pop quiz!

What is the most progressive country in the world in terms of transgender rights?

If you said Colombia, give yourself a round of applause.

I learned this surprising fact today in a new article that appears on the website, Gender-bending: the original spirit of Pride.

While Canadian provincial governments continue to squabble over whether or not trans surgeries are medically necessary and if procedures should be covered (also see: Sex-change funding), Colombia’s Constitutional Court ruled that transgender people are “a source of invaluable social wealth.” “It is our duty,” the court said, “to listen to these people, to learn to live with them and to learn from them.”

Aidan Johnson goes on to say: “In seeing gender as part biology but also part artifice, one can worry less about one’s own conformity to whatever a woman or man is supposed to be. One can get on with being an individual.”

The article is a breath of fresh air, but not without it’s share of controversy. The statement, “…almost anyone can be gay… but to be transgender takes a particular courage,” in particular drew some interestesting commentary that’s worth reading.


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