Free testosterone level is now “out of range”

Photo by Phil B I started my day this morning by watching a young buck like this one graze in my yard. He came within about 6 feet of the window from where I stood before he noticed me. Then we locked eyes—magical! (We’ve also got a yearling, a mamma and a new spotted baby fawn hanging around the house. The dog is totally uninterested. The cat is mesmerized, and it’s reciprocal: the deer regularly trot after him!)

I don’t see the bucks too often and was very pleased that he’d made an appearance on the day of my 6th testosterone injection. For the first time today, the injection got a little close to a nerve. It wasn’t painful; it just caused an odd sensation that ran down my leg.

I got my recent blood work results from the doctor as well. My free testosterone is now at 41.5 pmol/L, up from 2.8 pre-T—nice! As expected, all of my hematology numbers have gone up, including my hemoglobin, which was low to begin with. Now the only metric that’s “out of range” is the free testosterone. Time to haul out the Ani DiFranco CD and give that song some new meaning!


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