Slowly returning to my workouts

It’s been almost 6 weeks since my surgery now and physically I’ve been feeling very good. I start out my morning workout with stretching and Yamuna ball rolling, which I’m really pleased to be back to. The ball rolling feels awesome on my back, but it stretches my chest out a lot so it took me longer to get back to it than I thought it would. I’m back up to 2 sets of 180 stomach crunches—that didn’t take long. I’m doing 2 sets of varied leg lifts (inner thigh and quad) each side in between the sets of crunches. Today, I added back 3 sets of shoulder shrugs (20 lbs, 15 reps) and 3 sets of bicep curls (10 lbs, 15 reps) to my regime. This is half as much weight on the biceps as I’m used to, but I’m not supposed to do any real weight lifting until July, so I need to take it easy. I can’t wait to get back to push-ups and incline chest presses and flies!

I also did some work in the garden yesterday, preparing and planting a bed of potatoes. I felt some minor pain in my chest so I need to go a little more slowly out there. Of course, I’m already about a week behind with the garden, so I’m feeling slightly pressed.

I’ve put on a few pounds since pre-op, but it doesn’t really feel like fat. I was about 116 lbs going into surgery (height is 5′ 6″) and maintained a weight of about 118 lbs for several weeks after, on a limited amount of exercise. I managed to get back to my daily 5km walk within just a few days of surgery, so that’s helped keep my weight managed, though I miss the higher metabolic rate I had from daily weight lifting. If it’s pants weather, I strap 5 lbs to each ankle for my walk (this looks way too geeky in shorts though!) In the past few days, I’ve been weighing in at around 120 lbs. It’s occurred to me that the extra couple of pounds might be attributed to the testosterone. Like I said, I don’t feel fatter or bulkier, and I haven’t experienced any major changes with appetite. Of course, I don’t want to be a 115 lbs transman—that would look wimpy—but I’ll keep an eye on the numbers regardless, just to make sure that I’m adding the right kind of weight.


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