Bathrooms are starting to get uncomfortable

The local library has very clean washrooms, so it’s a favourite place for a pit stop when I go into town. It’s too early for me to regularly use the men’s room, since I don’t consistently pass. On a town trip on Friday, I rushed into the women’s room at the library and resolved to get my business done before anyone else came in. No such luck, as a woman came in just after I had entered a stall. I broke out in a sweat (so silly, really!) but decided that I could salvage the situation by getting out the stall quickly and washing up before she got out of her stall. However, as I was rushing to the door to leave another woman entered and I surprised her (passing?) which caused an extra moment to go by, allowing the other woman to come out of her stall. I was caught on both sides! Sigh.

When I left, I noticed that the library has a disabled bathroom and that you have to request a key at the front desk to use it. I’ll go that route next time. If they question me about a disability (would they dare?), I’ll dryly state that I’m a guy without a cock—surely that would be classified as a disability!

Later in the day, I used the washroom at a gas station and clearly shocked a woman when I entered. I could tell by the horrified look on her face that I had passed, and she fled pretty quickly. In sharp contrast to my bathroom experience earlier in the day, I felt proud and took my time.

Generally speaking, I look for gender-free bathrooms (see Vancouver Trans Bathroom Directory and Safe2Pee), but soon enough I’ll be able to use the men’s room more often. To prepare, I’ve started practicing peeing standing up, using the DIY coffee can lid as a device. (Actually, it’s an organic yogurt container top.) It’s pretty easy to use, and liquid beads up on the plastic making it easy to just shake off any residue. It easily fits in my back pocket, so I guess I have a new best friend! I was thinking of ordering some Whizzy’s as well, for times when having something disposable is appropriate.


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