Chest photos at 20 days post-op

Ain’t it the way: as soon as you make a statement concrete by writing about it, change happens! Yesterday I mentioned that the steri-strips weren’t showing signs of coming off, and then this morning I noticed that they were easily peeling away from the wounds (but were still sticky and gummy on my plain skin.) They came off with minimal effort, revealing the new shape and size of my areolas.

I also previously mentioned that the dark lines were stitches, but this wasn’t accurate. The stitches are clear. The dark lines are marker lines and scabbing, which is starting to fall off naturally.

I’m pleased to have the steri-strips off, not just to get a closer look at my new chest, but also because I don’t think they were helping with healing up my right side. This is where I have some oozing and redness happening. I can’t imagine that the steri-strips were helping to keep that moister area bacteria-free. Now I’m hoping that the wound will dry up and heal.

Here’s a comparison between my left side, which is looking pretty good, and my right side, which is struggling a little more. Warning: these photos are a bit graphic. Left vs. Right.


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