19 days post-op, 6 weeks on testosterone

I had my 4th shot of testosterone on Friday. Later that evening, I visited the apple tree that I planted the day I got my first shot (which I’ve affectionately named Atom) and was pleased to see several green leaves growing on it. I stood by my little T tree topless and watched the sunset, thinking about how sweet its first fruit will be.

My doctor took a look at my healing chest while I was with him. That would have been 17 days post-op. The steri-strips aren’t showing any signs of coming off, which is a little odd. The surgeon said they’d fall off 7-14 days post-op. Dr. M asked, “Are you bathing?!” Yes, of course. I guess my skin is just quite receptive to the steri-strip glue. I can pull up a corner of the strips, and they’re still quite gummy on the underside.

My right pec is still more swollen than the left, but it has been improving. There’s a hard area under the pec where the drain tube on that side was quite visible under my skin. I continue to take Bellis (a homeopathic remedy) every night to help reduce swelling. There’s also an area where my areola meets my chest skin on the right pec that is oozing a small amount of serous fluid. Dr. M noted a little redness there, but didn’t think it indicated any infection. I know that swelling is very common and to not expect my chest to settle into it’s new shape for 2-3 months—sometimes even up to 6 months—I just hope I’m not developing a seroma.

dfstoneftm has a video showing off his chest at 6 weeks post-op. He indicates a swollen area on his right pec as well, and my pec is fleshy to the touch in the same way as his. Judging from his later videos though, it sounds like everything evened out. The chances are quite good that my binder and some time will help reduce my swelling as well.

As for testosterone changes, they are very minimal at this point. I have a few more light hairs on my chest, a couple of new hairs right under my nose, and my skin and hair is definitely oilier. That’s about it, and in line with what I was expecting with just 6 weeks on a low dose of 50mg.


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