12 days post-op

Both pecs still have some swelling, which is to be expected. In fact it can take 2-3 months, even as long as 6 months, for the chest to settle into its new shape. The right side (left in the photo) has more swelling, particularly the areola and nipple.

Currently, I’m wearing the compression vest from about 12noon through to morning the next day. I remove it when I wake, shower, then hang out topless for a while to give the skin some time to breathe. Then I affix gauze over the nipples with paper tape and vest up again.

I’ve noted increased acne on my chest, something I’ve never had before, and I presume it’s the combined effect of the vest and the testosterone. The day after surgery, I noticed that the skin on my face was extremely oily and wondered if that was a side effect of my body healing or from the testosterone. Since it hasn’t really subsided, I think it’s probably the latter.


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